Backup Disaster and Recovery


For starters, many business owners don’t understand how a BCDR solution differs from traditional 
backup. The more cost-conscious business owner may find it difficult to justify spending more 
for data protection than they have in previous years, particularly when they’ve never suffered any 
severe data loss or outages. 

Then there are those individuals who have no idea what cybersecurity or 
ransomware means (or why they should care).  

As a business leader you have to worry about, or at least question yourself about, the cost of a computer failure or a cyber attack:

  • How many employees will no longer be able to work?
  • For how long ?
  • What will my money losses be (wages, lost orders)?
  • Which orders cannot be delivered on time?
To get an idea of the cost of a disaster, please try the calculator : Datto Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator

Our Solutions

In your office, you probably have servers and PCs that contain information critical to your business operations. You need to make sure that these servers and PCs are backed up regularly and that in the event of a disaster you will be able to quickly and fully recover this data.

We offer Datto's BCDR solutions. You will be able to sleep on your 2 ears. A backup of your servers will be made locally on equipment installed in your offices and another in the Cloud, in data centers located in Canada.

In the event of a disaster, we can quickly activate the servers that have been taken as a backup, on which you can continue to work while we make the fixes on the servers that were affected by the cyber attack or the failure.