Our products

Electronic Document management software - ETDoc

Our document management software allows you to scan, categorize, and search electronic documents.  Easy to use, it allows your employees to be more productive and efficient in their work.  In addition, you'll save on your rental office spaces that will be occupied by offices rather than through filing cabinets.

A nice way to be efficient while respecting the environment!

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Service Calls management - ETIntervention

If you are a service company and you need to manage service calls, documenting the problems and solutions, manage representatives and their travel (mileage report), manage banks of hours per client and produce monthly statements, this software will be very useful for your business.

The transportation Broker software - ETDispatch

Are you transportation broker?    This software is specially designed for you.  It handles travel, follow-ups, bills of lading, confirmations, customers and carriers quotes.  It can even export information to your accounting software.

Transportation management software

This software allows transportation companies to manage the delivery of the goods, the management of roads, the management of tanks and establish different billing modes by customers on the basis of rates, geographical areas, miles, hours...