Installation and maintenance of networks

Whether it's to upgrade a network or install a new network, we ensure to provide you with the best components so that your network is reliable and efficient.  We manage every project areas such as *:

  • Consulting services
  • Sale and installation of equipments (computers, servers, portable, printers, scanners, UPS ...)
  • Sale and installation of softwares (accounting, Windows, Office, Zetafax ...)
  • Backup solutions - online and local copy
  • Help to choose the Internet access provider
  • Network and telephone cabling
  • IP telephony solution
  • After-sales support
* Some services are offered through our partners

Secure access and use of the Internet

Untangle is an integrated solution: firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam,  ad blocker.   With this solution we can optimize the use of the internet within your company and increase the productivity of your employees.

To see examples of statistics and use of the Internet, click here.

Trend Micro offers solutions for the protection of your computer equipment against viruses and malicious programs.  Trend Micro enterprise solutions optimize the use of the Internet by centralizing the virus definitions and updates before updating all the equipments on your network.

Custom software design

Would you like to have a new module to fill certain gaps in the current software ?  You have management software but would like to have new reports?  You have two management software which do not communicate ?    We can help you.  Our custom programming service allows you to analyze your needs and to achieve quickly with our analysis and programming tools.

Sales of software and equipment

In order to offer you quality, robust solutions and providing good guarantees, we obtained the necessary permissions from recognized manufacturers such as: Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Datto, Trend Micro, Untangle, PC Soft and many others.

Business Continuity

Ergon Technologies is proud to be a partner of Datto.
Datto offers several products and services to promote business continuity. Whether backup solutions or managed network solutions, your business will be very well served in the event of a disaster caused by a virus or equipment failure.