Windows 10 CredSSP / Oracle RDP Connection Error

Download this file to your disk and double click on it to configure the pc and correct the connection problem


Download AnyDesk

Execute and transmit the 9-digit number to the Support team at Ergon Technologies at the requested time.


OpenVPN 2.4.9 client to work with Untangle routers, version 14.2 and above.

For Windows 7: download
For Windows 10: download

Datto Cloud Continuity Agent

Datto Cloud Continuity Agent version : Download

Passwords Management - LASTPASS

LASTPASS GUI version : download
LASTPASS silent version : download

Miscellaneous tools

ETOutils : Miscellaneous network tools (port scan, smtp test etc) : Download

Restore Old Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Download  this file to make available the old photo viewer (jpg) in Windows 10.
You must run this register file and then associate the jpg (or other extensions) with the "Windows Photo Viewer" program and check that it is by default.

Send A Support Request

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